The 2010 Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit Feedback Results from Summit Participants
Prepared by: Erin Malcolm, MAPS and Lisa Larson, PhD

The purpose of the Planning Council’s evaluation of the 2010 summit was to document participant feedback and to help inform planning for future summits. Together with the MFI and the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee, three sets of evaluation questions were developed.  Read the full report

The One Hundred Billion Dollar Man
The Annual Public Costs of Father Absence

The Federal Government spent at least $99.8 billion providing assistance to father-absent homes in 2006.  This is a conservative estimate; it does not include federal benefit programs for communities, indirect costs related to poor outcomes of children from father-absent homes, and long-term costs in reduced tax income from low-earning single-parent families.  Read the full study

The 2009 Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit Feedback Results from Summit Participants
Prepared by: Lisa Larson, PhD and Erin Malcolm, MAPS

This report provides: 1) demographic information for the people who attended the 2009 summit; 2) a summary of participants’ overall ratings of the summit; 3) an overview of participants’ feedback on the major areas addressed by the summit (men’s health, employment, Child Support Debt Reduction Assistance, and Driver’s License Recovery Assistance); and 4) a summary of feedback from the summit’s educational workshops.
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Focus Group Report Follow-Up with 2009 Summit Attendees
Prepared by: Lonna Kruse, Chelsea Boyd, Quinton Cotton, Lisa Larson and Erin Malcolm

The Planning Council recently completed a report summarizing feedback from individuals who attended the 2009 Fatherhood Summit. The report documented the feedback attendees provided while at the summit, using surveys and workshop evaluation forms.  Read full report

A Map of Community Resources for Men in the City of Milwaukee
Prepared by: Planning Council for Health & Human Services, Inc. Patricia Batemon, M.S.
Lisa Larson, PhD. Susan Tragesser, B.A.

The purpose of this report is to provide a visual map of the social service resources available to men and fathers in proximity to the Parklawn Public Housing Development. The report provides a description of the types of resources and their ZIP Code locations in the City of Milwaukee. This information will assist HACM and the MFI in future program development and in efforts to provide the MFI services specifically to residents living in the Parklawn Public Housing Development.  Read full report

Breaking Down the Barriers Participant Feedback
Prepared by: Ashley Tikkanen Lonna Kruse Erin Malcolm Lisa Larson Quinton Cotton

Breaking Down the Barriers was a supplemental event at the close of the 2009 Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit. The session aimed to bring mothers and fathers together to discuss strategies to help promote healthy co-parenting.  Read full report

Responses from the 2009 Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit

When completing a registration form for the 2009 Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit, attendees were asked to describe their greatest challenges to being a father.Most notably, the ability to act as provider, being able to have contact with and develop meaningful relationships with their children, and being able to provide structure and guidance to their children were the most frequently cited as the greatest challenges for being a father.
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2007 Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit Feedback Results from Summit Participants
Prepared by: Patricia Batemon, M.S. Lisa Larson, Ph.D. Michelle Doneis

The 2007 Fatherhood Summit was a great success for the men that attended and the Milwaukee community as a whole. There are so many great experiences from the 2007 summit: The smiles, the encouraging pats on the back, the supportive hugs, all occurred within a sea of men – quiet and attentive during the plenary session. Then came a thunderous chorus of voices repeating the affirmation of their manhood, led by Keynote speaker Thabiti Boone. These are all lasting memories from another successful fatherhood summit.  Read full report