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Communuity Outreach


New Job Postings for this week

Yancey Employment Services (Y.E.S.) Milwaukee Weekly Job Leads – 08.31.15 thru 09.04 “Key To Empowering Communities & Building Better Futures” NEED an UPDATED RESUME to COMPETE & JOB SEARCH/COACHING ASSISTANCE?? Contact Ms. Verna Yancey “The Employment Specialist” @ 414.949.9258,, LinkedIn, Twitter, or via Facebook.


Summit focuses on removing employment barriers for local men

Wearing black-rimmed glasses and sporting a white t-shirt and shorts, Jerry Evans sat patiently on a brown plastic seat in a classroom at the Kosciuszko Park Recreational Center, 2201 S. 7th St., listening for his name to be called. He was waiting to discuss his child support case with workers[...]

dennis walton

Dennis Walton (Our Issues Milwaukee)

Guest: Dennis Walton, Outreach Coordinator, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO ON MY24/18 A discussion about the state of young fathers in the city of Milwaukee and an organization developed to empower them. A look into the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative. For more information from the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative[...]